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    Vitamin A

    Information about Vitamin A

    Vitamin a uses

    Vitamin A is used in the treatment of nutritional deficiencies.

    How vitamin a works

    Vitamin A provides essential nutrients.

    Common side effects of vitamin a

    Nausea, Shortness of breath, Facial swelling, Headache, Scaling of skin, Skin redness, Skin swelling, Itching, Diarrhoea

    Available Medicine for Vitamin A

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    Expert advice for Vitamin A

    • Use exactly as directed on the label, or as prescribed by your doctor. Do not use in larger or smaller amounts or for longer than recommended.
    • You may require a regular eye check up during the course of taking Vitamin A.
    • Do not use mineral oil while taking Vitamin A.
    • Consult your doctor if you develop nausea, vomitting, cracking of lips, hairfall, headache.
    • Do not take this medicine if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.
    • Taking similar vitamin products together can result in a vitamin overdose or serious side effects.

    Frequently asked questions for Vitamin A

    Vitamin A

    Q. Is vitamin A formed in our body/ is vitamin A fat soluble/ is vitamin A soluble in water/ is vitamin A an antioxidant/ Is it good for eyes, skin, hair, acne?

    Vitamin A is not formed in our body, and is primarily attained from dietary intake. It is fat soluble vitamin. It is not an antioxidant. Vitamin A helps form and maintains healthy skin, hair, teeth. Vitamin A promotes good vision, especially in low light

    Q. What is Aquasol A used for/ is it organic/ what is Aquasol a cream used for?

    Aquasol is brand name for Vitamin A. It is organic. Aquasol A cream is Vitamin A cream used as anti-wrinkle and anti-aging cream; it enhances the skin's appearance creating healthy, younger and fresher radiant looking skin giving it a healthy glow.

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