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    Information about Valganciclovir

    Valganciclovir uses

    Valganciclovir is used in the treatment of eye infections by Herpes simplex virus.

    How valganciclovir works

    Valganciclovir is an antiviral medication. It prevents the multiplication of virus in human cells. This stops the virus from producing new viruses and clears up your infection.

    Common side effects of valganciclovir

    Injection site pain, Stomach pain
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    Frequently asked questions for Valganciclovir


    Q. What is valganciclovir used for?

    Valganciclovir is used for the treatment of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection of retina (retinitis) in adult patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). It is also used for the prevention of CMV infection in patients who have received an organ transplant from a CMV-infected donor

    Q. How does valganciclovir work?

    After taken orally, valganciclovir gets converted into ganciclovir by liver and intestinal enzymes, which then prevents the growth and spread of cytomegalovirus.

    Q. Is valganciclovir cytotoxic?

    No, valganciclovir is not cytotoxic

    Q. Does valganciclovir cover HSV?

    Valganciclovir can also be used for treatment of herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection. Please follow doctor's advice regarding its use

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