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Thiamine Nitrate



Thiamine Nitrate is used in the treatment of nutritional deficiencies.

How it works

Thiamine is mainly the transport form of the vitamin, while the active forms are phosphorylated thiamine derivatives. There are five known natural thiamine phosphate derivatives: thiamine monophosphate (ThMP), thiamine diphosphate (ThDP), also sometimes called thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP), thiamine triphosphate (ThTP), and the recently discovered adenosine thiamine triphosphate (AThTP), and adenosine thiamine diphosphate. Each derivative has unique functions, however, most are involved as coenzymes.

Common side effects

Pulmonary edema, Angioedema (swelling of deeper layers of skin), Cyanosis (bluish discoloration of the skin), Flushing, Gastrointestinal bleeding, Gastrointestinal disturbance, Hemorrhage, Decreased white blood cell count, Nausea, Restlessness, Urticaria, Itching


Content on this page was last updated on 28 September, 2016, by Dr. Varun Gupta (MD Pharmacology)