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    Sodium Bicarbonate

    Information about Sodium Bicarbonate

    Sodium bicarbonate uses

    Sodium Bicarbonate is used in the treatment of acidity, intestinal ulcers and stomach ulcers.

    How sodium bicarbonate works

    Sodium Bicarbonate is an inorganic salt that neutralizes the excess acid in the stomach.

    Common side effects of sodium bicarbonate


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    Expert advice for Sodium Bicarbonate

    • The Sodium Bicarbonate should be used only for occasional relief from increased stomach acid. Do not take it for more than 2 weeks, unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor.
    • Avoid Sodium Bicarbonate, if  you show signs of appendicitis or inflammed bowel (such as lower abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, nausea, vomiting). Please consult your doctor.
    • Do not take the Sodium Bicarbonate at least 2 hours before or after taking other medicines. It may interact with other medicines.
    • Do not take calcium or sodium bicarbonate containing antacid with milk or milk products.

    Frequently asked questions for Sodium Bicarbonate

    Sodium Bicarbonate

    Q. Is Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) basic?

    Sodium Bicarbonate. also known as baking soda, is basic (alkaline) in nature

    Q. Does it dissolve in water?

    It dissolves in water and neutralizes stomach acid to relieve heartburn and indigestion associated with hyperacidity

    Q. Does Sodium Bicarbonate whiten teeth or kill bacteria?

    Sodium Bicarbonate can remove surface stains on teeth. Its antibacterial action, however, is not clearly understood yet

    Q. Is Sodium Bicarbonate gluten free?

    Yes, Sodium Bicarbonate is gluten free. Refer to the package insert of the prescribed brand to get the more information about components of the formulation

    Q. Does Sodium Bicarbonate raise blood pressure?

    Yes. If given in excess amount, it may raise blood pressure

    Q. Does Sodium Bicarbonate cause kidney stones?

    Sodium Bicarbonate does not cause kidney stones and it is used in the treatment of special type of kidney stones (uric acid stones).

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