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    Information about Pancreatin

    Pancreatin uses

    Pancreatin is used in the treatment of pancreatic enzyme deficiency.

    How pancreatin works

    Pancreatin is a pancreatic enzyme supplement. It mixes thoroughly with food and helps in digestion.

    Common side effects of pancreatin

    Stomach pain, Abdominal bloating, Diarrhea
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    Expert advice for Pancreatin

    • You have been prescribed Pancreatin for the treatment of pancreatic enzyme deficiency.
    • They lower stool frequency and improve stomach pain and stool consistency.
    • Take it during or immediately after a meal or a snack as per your doctor’s advice and drink plenty of water.
    • It can cause mouth irritation. Swallow the medicine completely. Do not chew, crush, or hold it in your mouth.
    • Tell your doctor if you experience severe or long-lasting abdominal pain.
    • Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

    Frequently asked questions for Pancreatin


    Q. What does Pancreatin help with?

    Pancreatin is a pancreatic enzyme supplement created with a mixture of enzymes. It is given to patients whose pancreas is not able to create enough of their own enzymes to digest the food. It is also given to treat digestion problems caused in patients whose pancreas have been surgically removed or are not working well.

    Q. Is it safe to take Pancreatin?

    Pancreatin is usually safe in patients who have been prescribed to take it for digestion issues caused due to problem of the pancreas. However, it may cause reactions in people who are allergic to pig products. Additionally, the use of Pancreatin can cause an increase in blood uric acid levels, thereby worsening your gout and causing painful swollen joints. Pancreatin may also cause allergic reactions like skin rashes, swollen lips, increased flatulence, stomach pain, headache, dizziness, etc. Consult your doctor before you start taking this medicine and give a proper history of allergies and the medicines you are currently taking.

    Q. How should I take Pancreatin?

    Take the capsule with food and swallow it as a whole. Drink plenty of fluids after taking the medicine. It is very essential to increase your fluid intake while taking Pancreatin. In case you have trouble swallowing capsules, you can take out the granules from the capsules and mix them with fruit juices or yoghurt and swallow it. Just be careful not to crush the granules.

    Q. What food should I eat if I have pancreatic enzyme insufficiency?

    You should try to take five small meals to make it easier for your pancreas to digest what you eat. Take a well-balanced, low-fat diet and strictly limit the foods which contain a high amount of saturated and trans fats. Your diet should preferably contain whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fat-free meat/poultry, beans and low-fat dairy sources. Drink plenty of fluids and water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Ask your doctor if you can take regular vitamin like A, D, E, and K, as it will be benefecial for you. You can have limited amounts of healthy polyunsaturated fat. Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol strictly because this can damage your pancreas.

    Q. Can Pancreatin be given in children?

    Yes, Pancreatin can be given to children. Just like adults, even children need to be given as sufficient amount of fluids while on treatment with Pancreatin. When giving it to infants aged 12 months or less, you can open the capsule and empty the contents directly into the infant’s mouth. Following this, you can feed breast milk or infant milk formula to your baby. However, do not mix the medicine directly into the formula or breast milk. Also, be cautious to see that the baby swallows the entire medicine and nothing is retained in the baby’s mouth, as it can cause irritation in the mouth.

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