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Meglumine Diatrizoate



Radiographic examination of segments of the gastrointestinal tract (esophagus, stomach, proximal small intestine, and colon), adjunct to contrast enhancement in computed tomography of the torso (body imaging).

How it works

Diatrizoate meglumine are sparingly absorbed from the intact gastrointestinal tract, and therefore permit gastrointestinal opacification and delineation after oral or rectal administration. Oral administration is used for radiographic evaluation of the esophagus, stomach and proximal small intestine. Rectal administration is used for examination of the colon. Enough absorption from the gastrointestinal tract to permit incidental visualization of the urinary tract.

Common side effects

Nausea, Shortness of breath, Anaphylactic reaction, Diarrhoea, Decreased oxygen level in blood, Tachyarrhythmia, Urticaria, Vomiting


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