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    Lysine + Cyproheptadine + Peptone

    Information about Lysine + Cyproheptadine + Peptone

    Lysine + cyproheptadine + peptone uses

    Lysine+Cyproheptadine+Peptone is used in the treatment of appetite stimulant.

    How lysine + cyproheptadine + peptone works

    This is a combination of three appetite enhancers: Lysine, Cyproheptadine and Peptone. Lysine is a building block of essential proteins which improve appetite and digestion. Cyproheptadine works by reducing the effect of a chemical messenger (serotonin) in the hypothalamus, a part of the brain which regulates appetite. Peptone increases the production of a protein (cholecystokinin) which controls appetite and food intake.

    Common side effects of lysine + cyproheptadine + peptone

    Dryness in mouth, Constipation, Sleepiness, Blurred vision

    Available Medicine for Lysine + Cyproheptadine + Peptone

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