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    Isoniazid + Ethambutol

    Information about Isoniazid + Ethambutol

    Isoniazid + ethambutol uses

    Isoniazid+Ethambutol is used in the treatment of tuberculosis.

    How isoniazid + ethambutol works

    This is a combination of two medicines: isoniazid and ethambutol which treat tuberculosis. Isoniazid prevents the TB bacteria from forming their own protective covering. This kills the bacteria and eradicate the infection. Ethambutol, on the other hand works by slowing the growth of these bacteria.

    Common side effects of isoniazid + ethambutol

    Peripheral neuropathy (tingling and numbness of feet and hand), Increased liver enzymes, Jaundice, Increased uric acid level in blood, Gout, Visual impairment

    Available Medicine for Isoniazid + Ethambutol

    • ₹60 to ₹72
      Lupin Ltd
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    • ₹63 to ₹92
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    • ₹46
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