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    Information about Hydrocortisone

    Hydrocortisone uses

    Hydrocortisone is used in the treatment of severe allergic reaction, allergic disorders, cancer, skin disorders and eye disorders.

    How hydrocortisone works

    Hydrocortisone belongs to a group of medicines called corticosteroids. It prevents and treats the allergic and inflammatory reactions by decreasing the number of blood cells that cause inflammation and allergy. 

    Common side effects of hydrocortisone

    Electrolyte imbalance, Redistribution/accumulation of body fat, Increased risk of infection, Bone degradation, Skin scar, Behavioural changes, Altered bone growth, Increased blood pressure, Muscle disorders, Increased glucose level in blood, Cataract

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    Expert advice for Hydrocortisone

    Do not use these medicine: 
    • if you are allergic to hydrocortisone or any of the other ingredients in this medicine.
    • on broken or infected skin.
    • on the face or near your eyes.
    • on the anal or genital areas.
    • if you are pregnant.
    Do not apply plasters or dressings over the cream. Do not use on children under 10 years, unless your doctor tells you to. Do not use for a duration more than that is prescribed by your doctor, especially in children.
    Do consult your doctor, if the skin condition does not improve after application at prescribed dose and duration. The injection can  may make you dizzy.
    Do not drive, use machinery, or do any activity that requires alertness until you are sure you can perform such activities safely.The injection may mask signs of infection or put you at greater risk of developing very serious infections. Report to your doctor any injuries or signs of infection (e.g., persistent sore throat/cough/fever, pain during urination, muscle aches) that occur while using this medication or within 12 months after stopping it.

    Frequently asked questions for Hydrocortisone


    Q. Is hydrocortisone safe?

    Hydrocortisone belongs to a class of medications called corticosteroids. Hydrocortisone is safe when used at prescribed dose and duration as advised by your doctor

    Q. Is hydrocortisone same as cortisone, cort stim, cort s?

    Cort s is proprietary (brand) name of hydrocortisone injection. Cortisone is other name of hydrocortisone. Cort stim is contracted (short) form for cortisol stimulation test

    Q. Is hydrocortisone good for ringworm, cold sores, haemorrhoids, scars or burns?

    No. Hydrocortisone is contraindicated in any condition where the skin is infected or inflamed
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    Q. Does hydrocortisone help in eczema, acne, hives, dry skin and thrush?

    Hydrocortisone relieves the itching associated with eczema and local swelling and itching associated with hives. It should not be used in acne, dry skin and thrush

    Q. Can I take ibuprofen, Tylenol or Benadryl with hydrocortisone?

    NSAIDs like ibuprofen, Tylenol (acetaminophen), Benadryl (paracetamol, diphenhydramine, and phenylephrine) should not be taken if hydrocortisone is being taken orally. There is however little chance of interaction between hydrocortisone for local application and other drugs which are taken orally. Always follow the advice of the doctor regarding use of hydrocortisone ointment/cream and other medications.

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