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    Information about Heparin

    Heparin uses

    Heparin is used to prevent heart attack. It helps prevent blood clots from forming in legs, lungs, heart or any other parts of the body.

    How heparin works

    Heparin is an anticoagulant. It works by preventing the formation of harmful blood clots. Although it does not dissolve the existing blood clots, it prevents them from growing larger and causing blockages in the blood vessels.

    Common side effects of heparin

    Bleeding, Injection site reaction
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    Expert advice for Heparin

    • It is given as an injection or drip into the veins by a healthcare professional.
    • Notify your doctor if you see blood in your urine or stool or any unusual bleeding from your skin, gums or nose.
    • Inform your doctor if you experience rash, itching, swelling of the face, tongue, and throat while you receive this medicine.

    Frequently asked questions for Heparin


    Q. Can the use of Heparin increase the risk of bleeding?

    Yes, Heparin increases the risk of bleeding. Always be careful while doing activities that may cause an injury or bleeding. Tell your doctor immediately if you notice any abnormal bruising or bleeding.

    Q. What medicines should I avoid while taking Heparin?

    Heparin can interact with several medicines. Talk to your doctor, and inform him about using Heparin before taking any prescription or non prescription medicine.

    Q. When will I feel better after taking Heparin?

    Heparin reduces your risk of developing blood clots in the blood vessels of your leg, lungs, heart and brain. You may not feel any difference after taking Heparin. However, keep taking this medicine as prescribed by your doctor because you will still be getting its full benefits.

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