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Flunarizine is used for preventing migraine attacks. It is also effective in reducing the frequency and severity of migraine attacks.

How it works

Flunarizine belongs to the group of medicines called non-selective calcium channel blocker. It blocks the entry of calcium through calcium channels.

Common side effects

Constipation, Depression, Drowsiness, Increased appetite, Irregular menstrual cycle, Running nose, Nasal congestion


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Expert advice

Do not start or continue the flunarizine tablets:
  • If you are allergic (hypersensitive) to flunarizine.
  • If you have Parkinson’s disease.
  • If you have liver disease.
  • If you are suffering from depression.
  • If you are pregnant or breast feeding.
Do not drive or operate machinery after taking Flunarizine because you may feel drowsy.

Frequently asked questions


 Q. What is flunarizine dihydrochloride/flunarizine hydrochloride/flunarizine 5 mg used for?
These are the names of drugs containing flunarizine and used for the treatment of preventing migraine attacks.
Q. Does flunarizine cause weight gain?
Yes, it may cause weight gain. Always consult your doctor, if you experience this side effect.
Q. Does flunarizine work?
Flunarizine works at prescribed dose and duration for the treatment of preventing migraine attacks as advised by your doctor.
Q. How long does flunarizine take to work?
It depends on disease severity and lot of other factors.

Content on this page was last updated on 18 October, 2016, by Dr. Varun Gupta (MD Pharmacology)