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Etoposide is used in the treatment of small cell lung cancer and testicular cancer

How it works

Etoposide works by damaging the genetic material (DNA) of the cancer cells and stops their growth and multiplication.

Common side effects

Nausea, Pale colored skin, Abdominal pain, Bloody diarrhea, Numbness, Burning sensation, Tingling sensation, Constipation, Dizziness, Eye pain, Fainting, Hair loss, Loss of appetite, Sore lip, Sore mouth, Vision disorder, Vomiting, Weakness, Fatigue, Weight loss

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Expert advice

  • Avoid contact with people with cold or other infections as etoposide treatment may lower your immunity.
  • Seek immediate medical attention if you notice any unusual bleeding, bruising, blood in stools, or dark, tarry stools.
  • You will be regularly evaluated with lab tests, including complete blood cell counts to monitor your progress or to check for side effects.
  • Do not drive or operate machinery during etoposide treatment as it may cause dizziness.
  • Do not consume this drug if you are allergic to etoposide or any of its ingredients.
  • Tell your doctor if you are or planning to become pregnant or are breastfeeding.

Frequently asked questions


Q. Is etoposide a FDA approved vesicant/irritant?
Yes, etoposide is a FDA approved vesicant/irritant

Q. Is etoposide dialyzable?
No, etoposide is not dialyzable

Q. Does etoposide cause leukaemia?
Yes, etoposide may cause leukaemia. Please follow your doctor's advice regarding its use.

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