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    Eplerenone + Torasemide

    Information about Eplerenone + Torasemide

    Eplerenone + torasemide uses

    Eplerenone+Torasemide is used in the treatment of oedema.

    How eplerenone + torasemide works

    This is a combination of two medicines: Eplerenone and Torasemide. Eplerenone and torasemide. They act on different parts of your kidney to remove extra water and certain electrolytes while maintaining the potassium balance in your body.

    Common side effects of eplerenone + torasemide

    Dehydration, Constipation, Itching, Decreased magnesium level in blood, Decreased sodium level in blood, Increased uric acid level in blood, Decreased calcium level in blood

    Available Medicine for Eplerenone + Torasemide

    • ₹208 to ₹240
      Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd
      2 variant(s)
    • ₹208 to ₹242
      Lupin Ltd
      2 variant(s)
    • ₹208 to ₹225
      Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd
      2 variant(s)

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