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    Cinnarizine + Dimenhydrinate

    Information about Cinnarizine + Dimenhydrinate

    Cinnarizine + dimenhydrinate uses

    Cinnarizine+Dimenhydrinate is used in the treatment of vertigo.

    How cinnarizine + dimenhydrinate works

    This is a combination of two medicines: Cinnarizine and Dimenhydrinate. Cinnarizine is calcium channel antagonist which works by preventing constriction of the blood vessels of the inner ear. This improves the microcirculation of the ear. Dimenhydrinate is an antiallergic. It blocks the action of a chemical messenger (histamine) that is responsible for motion sickness.

    Common side effects of cinnarizine + dimenhydrinate

    Nausea, Dyspepsia, Weight gain, Drowsiness, Sleepiness, Dizziness, Weakness, Decreased blood pressure, Coordination impaired, Impaired concentration

    Available Medicine for Cinnarizine + Dimenhydrinate

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