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    Information about Chlorzoxazone

    Chlorzoxazone uses

    Chlorzoxazone is used for muscle relaxation. It relieves painful spasms of the skeletal muscles.

    How chlorzoxazone works

    Chlorzoxazone is a muscle relaxant. It works on the centres in the brain and spinal cord to relieve muscle stiffness or spasm without reduction in strength. This improves pain and movement of muscles.

    Common side effects of chlorzoxazone

    Sleepiness, Dryness in mouth

    Available Medicine for Chlorzoxazone

    Expert advice for Chlorzoxazone

    • Chlorzoxazone can increase the effects of other CNS depressants (alcohol, barbiturates) medicine.
    • Avoid consuming alcohol when taking the Chlorzoxazone, as it may cause excessive drowsiness and calmness.
    • Inform your doctor if you have ever been diagnosed with kidney or liver problems.
    • Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to conceive or breastfeeding.

    Frequently asked questions for Chlorzoxazone


    Q. Is chlorzoxazone an opiate/ narcotic/ steroid/ controlled substance/ addictive?

    No. Chlorzoxazone is mephenesin like centrally acting muscle relaxant that is used to relieve muscle stiffness and pain. It is not a steroid, narcotic, addictive or controlled substance

    Q. Does chlorzoxazone be used for recreational purposes?

    No, chlorzoxazone or any other drug should not be used for recreational purpose. Use only when prescribed by the doctor

    Q. Does chlorzoxazone have aspirin or codeine in it?

    No. It does not contain aspirin or codeine

    Q. Does chlorzoxazone induce drowsiness/ weight gain?

    It is not known to cause weight gain, but may cause drowsiness. If you experience any such side effects, consult your doctor

    Q. Is chlorzoxazone like Vicodin?

    No. Vicodin, which contains acetaminophen and hydrocodone, is used to relieve general pain. Chlorzoxazone is a muscle relaxant and different drug altogether

    Q. Is chlorzoxazone the same as Soma?

    No. Soma caontains carisoprodol, another mephenesin-like centrally acting muscle relaxant. However, it totally different from chlorzoxazone

    Q. Can I take chlorzoxazone with tramadol, naproxen or ibuprofen?

    No known interaction data is available for these drugs. However, it doesn't mean that the chlorzoxazone can be taken with tramadol, naproxen or ibuprofen. Always consult your doctor regarding the drug usage

    Q. Can I take chlorzoxazone with hydrocodone/ citalopram/ acetaminophen?

    No. It is advisable not to take chlorzoxazone with hydrocodone/ citalopram/ acetaminophen since interactions have been reported for this combination.

    Content on this page was last updated on 26 February, 2018, by Dr. Varun Gupta (MD Pharmacology)