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    Information about Cefditoren

    Cefditoren uses

    Cefditoren is used in the treatment of bacterial infections.

    How cefditoren works

    Cefditoren is an antibiotic. It kills the bacteria by attacking their cell wall. Specifically, it prevents the synthesis of a substance in the cell wall called peptidoglycan, which provides the cell wall with the strength required for survival of bacteria in human body.

    Common side effects of cefditoren

    Nausea, Diarrhoea, Allergic reaction

    Available Medicine for Cefditoren

    • ₹265
      Zuventus Healthcare Ltd
      1 variant(s)
    • ₹359
      Meyer Organics Pvt Ltd
      1 variant(s)

    Expert advice for Cefditoren

    • Only use Cefditoren when prescribed by a registered medical doctor.
    • Always take the full prescription, even if you feel better.
    • Can lead to nausea and diarrhoea frequently.
    • Inform your doctor if you develop a rash or other unexpected symptoms.
    • Inform your doctor if there is the previous history of drug allergy.
    • Avoid taking for a long duration as there is a risk of serious intestinal infection and low blood count.
    • Inform your doctor if you have ever been diagnosed with kidney or liver problems.

    Frequently asked questions for Cefditoren


    Q. What is cefditoren (Pivoxil) and what is it used for?
    Cefditoren or Cefditoren (Pivoxil) is a cephalosporin antibiotic which is used to treat diseases caused due to several bacterial infections such as exacerbation of chronic bronchitis (sudden worsening of symptoms due to bacterial infection in windpipe), community-acquired pneumonia (lung infection developed in the person who was not in the hospital), sore throat (pharyngitis), inflammation of tonsils (tonsillitis), and uncomplicated skin and skin-structure infections.

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