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    Calcium Dobesilate

    Information about Calcium Dobesilate

    Calcium dobesilate uses

    Calcium Dobesilate is used in the treatment of piles and varicose veins.

    How calcium dobesilate works

    Calcium Dobesilate works on the walls of the small vessel and decreases their leakage and fragility. It also improves blood flow by decreasing viscosity/thickness of blood.

    Common side effects of calcium dobesilate

    Allergic reaction

    Available Medicine for Calcium Dobesilate

    • ₹94 to ₹140
      Wallace Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
      2 variant(s)
    • ₹143
      Mankind Pharma Ltd
      1 variant(s)
    • ₹131
      Obsurge Biotech Ltd
      1 variant(s)
    • ₹143
      Sunways India Pvt Ltd
      1 variant(s)
    • ₹129
      Rusan Pharma Ltd
      1 variant(s)
    • ₹30
      BestoChem Formulations India Ltd
      1 variant(s)
    • ₹120
      Canixa Life Sciences Pvt
      1 variant(s)
    • ₹106
      Dr Reddy's Laboratories Ltd
      1 variant(s)
    • ₹91
      Skymax Laboratories Pvt Ltd
      1 variant(s)
    • ₹130
      Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
      1 variant(s)

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