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    Information about Betamethasone

    Betamethasone uses

    Betamethasone is used in the treatment of allergic conditions.

    How betamethasone works

    Betamethasone is a steroid which works by blocking the production of certain chemical messengers in the body that cause inflammation (redness and swelling) and allergies.

    Common side effects of betamethasone

    Thinning of skin, Increased risk of infection, Weight gain, Mood changes, Behavioural changes
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    Expert advice for Betamethasone

    • Betamethasone can be taken with or without food, but try to have it at same time every day.
    • Do not use it more often or for longer than advised by your doctor.
    • Betamethasone can make it harder for you to fight off infections. Notify your doctor if you have any signs of infection such as a fever or sore throat.
    • Side effects such as mood changes or stomach problems can happen when you start taking Betamethasone. Inform your doctor if this bothers you.
    • Do not stop taking Betamethasone suddenly without talking to your doctor first as it may worsen your symptoms.

    Frequently asked questions for Betamethasone


    Q. Is Betamethasone a steroid?

    Yes, Betamethasone belongs to a group of medicines called steroids also known as corticosteroids. These corticosteroids occur naturally in the body and help to maintain health and well being. Boosting corticosteroids by using Betamethasone helps in treating various illnesses involving inflammation (redness, tenderness, heat and swelling) in the body. Many different conditions such as asthma, severe allergic reactions, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune diseases, etc can be improved by the use of Betamethasone, as they reduce inflammation in the body.

    Q. Is Betamethasone safe to use?

    Betamethasone is safe to use when used for an indication in a dose as advised by your doctor. You should not take this medicine if you are allergic to Betamethasone or any of the other ingredients of this medicine. Furthermore, you should not take Betamethasone if you have an infection and have not yet started medicine (e.g. antibiotics) to treat it.

    Q. Does Betamethasone cause hair loss?

    Betamethasone is not known to cause hair loss. Rather, it may cause an increase in body hair growth (especially in females) on long-term use. Talk to your doctor if you get excessive hair growth on your body while taking Betamethasone.

    Q. Can I take Betamethasone with ibuprofen?

    An increase in the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding may occur if non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) like ibuprofen are taken with corticosteroids. Talk to your doctor before taking Betamethasone with any NSAID.

    Q. Does Betamethasone cause weight gain?

    Betamethasone can cause weight gain especially when high doses taken for a long time or repeated short courses are taken. Please consult your doctor if you experience weight gain after taking Betamethasone.

    Q. Is Betamethasone a hydrocortisone?

    Betamethasone is not a hydrocortisone. These are two different drugs which belong to the same group of medicines called steroids (also known as corticosteroids).

    Q. Is Betamethasone over the counter?

    Betamethasone is not an over the counter (OTC) medicine. It is available only when prescribed by a doctor.

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