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Baclofen is used for muscle relaxation and hiccups.

How it works

Baclofen works by acting on the centers in the brain and spinal cord to relieve the muscle stiffness or spasm.

Common side effects

Confusion, Convulsion, Dizziness, Drowsiness, Shortness of breath, Stomach upset, Weakness

Available Medicine

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Expert advice

The drug can cause drowziness or dizziness. Avoid activities that require mental alertness until you know how the drug affects you:Do not drink alcohol while you are on this medication. Do not stop the drug suddenly without consulting your doctor as you may have severe withdrawal symptoms. Baclofen may increase the risk of developing ovarian cyst. Speak to your doctor about your risk.
Do not take the medicine:
  • If you are allergic to it or to any other content in the medicine.
  • If you have stomach ulcer.
  • If you have porphyria (an inherited condition causing blisters, abdominal pain and brain or nervous system disorders).
Inform your doctor before taking the medicine:
  • If  you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant or breast-feeding a baby.
  • If you are taking medicines to lower your blood pressure or taking diuretics (drugs increasing urine output) or pain killers.
  • If you require any surgery (which may need administration of anesthetics).

Frequently asked questions


Q. Is baclofen an NSAID/pain-killer/muscle-relaxant?
No. Baclofen is not a pain-killer or an NSAID. It is a centrally acting muscle relaxant
Q. Is baclofen addictive?
No. Baclofen is not addictive
Q. Is baclofen the same as Soma/Flexeril?
No. Baclofen is not the same as Soma (carisoprodol) or Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine). However, all of these drugs are muscle relaxants used for the same indications
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Q. Is baclofen safe?
Yes. Baclofen is relatively safe if used as recommended. In case of any side-effects, consult your doctor
Q. Is baclofen a narcotic or controlled substance?
No. Baclofen is not a narcotic or a controlled substance
Q. Can I take baclofen with Percocet/Xanax/tramadol/Norco/Cymbalta/Motrin/naproxen?
Baclofen if taken with Percocet (acetaminophen plus oxycodone)/Norco (acetaminophen plus hydrocodone), cymbalta (duloxetine), Xanax (alprazolam) or tramadol can increase the side-effects such as dizziness, sedation and difficulties in concentration. Baclofen can be taken with naproxen or Motrin (ibuprofen) if prescribed by your doctor
Q. Can I take baclofen for backache/toothache or menstrual cramps?
Baclofen is effective in the treatment of acute back pains. But, it is not used for relieving toothache or menstrual cramps
Q. Does baclofen have sulfa/aspirin in it?
No. Baclofen does not contain sulfa or aspirin
Q. Does baclofen cause tiredness/drowsiness/low blood pressure?
Yes. Baclofen may cause tiredness, drowsiness or low blood pressure. If you experience any such symptoms, please consult your doctor
Q. How long can I take baclofen for?
It is advisable to take baclofen for the duration prescribed by your doctor. Do not stop taking the drug without consulting your doctor
Q. Does baclofen cause erectile dysfunction?
Baclofen may rarely cause symptoms of erectile dysfunction and impotence. Consult your doctor if you experience these symptoms.

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