Cardiac arrest

Description of Cardiac arrest

In a cardiac arrest, the vital blood supply needed by the heart to function aptly is denied. This, in turn, may also affect the supply to the brain and can be harmful to the body. Fifteen percent of the deaths in the western countries can be attributed to cardiac arrest further to this men are more prone to it than women until they reach the age of 85 years and chances of getting a cardiac arrest among both genders becomes equal.
Causes and Risk Factors
The common causes are:
1. Heart diseases among adults such as ischemic heart disease and myocardial infarction
2. Non-trauma related bleeding such as gastrogenic bleeding
3. Overdose of drugs
4. Drowning
5. Pulmonary embolism

Risk factors include:
1. Sedentary lifestyle with no exercise
2. Family history of cardiac arrest
3. Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity
4. Smoking and especially chain smoking
Signs and Symptoms
Some symptoms include:
1. Fatigue
2. Lightheaded and dizziness
3. Chest pains that are not associated with flu
4. Constant shortness of breath
5. Heart palpations or irregular heartbeats
6. Sudden loss of responsiveness
7. Abnormal breathing
8. Absence of a pulse
9. Sudden unexplained fainting that may be accompanied by seizures
10. Loss of consciousness
In case you survive a cardiac arrest, your doctor will carry several tests to find out the exact cause.
1. Blood tests include cardiac enzyme test and electrolyte test
2. Electrocardiogram: Includes ECG tests
3. Imaging tests: It include x-rays and scans
1. CPR: Immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation is important and critical in treating cardiac arrest.
2. Defibrillation: This procedure momentarily stops the heart and the chaotic rhythm. In most cases this process allows the heart to resume its normal rhythm.
3. Surgery includes coronary bypass surgery
1. Stop smoking
2. Exercise regularly
3. Start eating healthy
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