Description of Burns

A burn is damage to the different layers of the skin (ranging from the upper most to the topmost) depending on the degree of burn. 
There are three types of burns:
1. First-degree burns damage only the outer layer of skin
2. Second-degree burns damage the outer layer and the layer underneath
3. Third-degree burns damage or destroy the deepest layer of skin and tissues underneath
Causes and Risk Factors
The burn may be caused by:
1. Heat
2. Chemicals
3. Electricity
4. Sunlight
5. Radiation
6. Scalds from hot liquids and steam
7. Building fires
8. Flammable liquids and gases 
Signs and Symptoms
Common symptoms are:
1. Swelling of the burnt area
2. Blistering
3. Scarring
4. In serious cases, shock, and even death
Treatment for burns depends on:
a) Cause of the burn
b) How deep it is
c) How much of the body it covers

Treatment includes, 
1. Antibiotic creams can prevent or treat infections.
2. For more serious burns, treatment may be needed to clean the wound, replace the skin, and make sure the patient has enough fluids and nutrition.
NIH: National Institute of General Medical Sciences
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