Abdominal pain

Description of Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is defined as the state when the lower part of your body, extending from below the chest to the groin, is in pain due to one or many factors.
Causes and Risk Factors
The abdomen contains many other important organs. Pain in the abdomen can come from any one of them. The pain can also start somewhere else, such as your chest, and radiate to abdomen. Severe pain does not always mean a serious problem. Nor does mild pain mean it can be neglected.
Signs and Symptoms 
Common signs/symptoms are:

1. Pain which may be dull and diffuse or sudden and sharp
2. You may feel nauseated and vomit.
3. May have blood in your stool
4. May have a stiff abdomen which is hard and tender to touch
Complications and When Should You See a Doctor
Make sure you visit a doctor if the pain persists or is associated other symptoms.
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