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Palash is commonly known as the “Flame of the forest” or the “Flame tree” and various parts of the plant like flowers, bark, leaf and seed gum are used for medicinal purposes.
Palash is mainly used to get rid of worms from the stomach due to its anthelmintic activity. It can be used to manage diarrhoea as it has antimicrobial and astringent properties. It also helps to manage liver disorders due to its antioxidant properties. Taking Palash leaf powder might help in managing blood sugar levels by improving glucose metabolism in the body.
Applying Palash leaf paste on the skin helps in managing skin infections and also promotes wound healing due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Palash decoction can also be used to wash pubic areas in case of vaginal infections and urinary problems due to its antifungal and antimicrobial properties[2][3].

What are the synonyms of Palash?

Butea monosperma, Bastard peak, Dhak, Tesu, Kimsuka, Raktapuspaka, Kulekhara, Kesudo, Khakharo, Khakhapado, Muttug, Muttuga, Muttala, Plasu, Camata, Plas, Chama Tha, Purasu, Paras, Moduga, Modugu, Chettu, Palaspapda

What is the source of Palash?

Plant Based

Benefits of Palash

1. Worms
Palash seed powder has a unique Krimighna (anti-worms) quality, because of which, it gives good result in case of worm infestation when taken orally. A special type of Ayurvedic preparation called Palash Kshar gives excellent results due to its anti-worm property.

2. Diarrhea
Palash also helps to control diarrhea and dysentery due to its Kashaya (astringent) property.

3. Diabetes
Palash leaves powder helps in regulating high blood sugar level by improving metabolism due to its Tikta (bitter) and Kapha-Pitta balancing properties.

4. Sexual dysfunction
Palash helps to improve sexual weakness and manage sexual dysfunction because of its Vajikarna (aphrodisiac) nature and Kashaya property.
Take Palash flower powder with milk and mishri at night.

Precautions when using Palash

Advice from Experts
Ayurvedic View
It is advisable to consult your doctor before taking Palash.
Ayurvedic View
It is advisable to take Palash only under medical supervision during breastfeeding.
Ayurvedic View
It is advisable to take Palash only under medical supervision during pregnancy.

Recommended Dosage of Palash

  • Palash Churna - ¼-½ teaspoon twice a day.

How to use Palash

1. Palash Churna with Honey
a. Take ¼-½ Palash churna.
b. Add to 1-2 teaspoon honey or 1 cup of water.
c. Take it after lunch and dinner.

2. Palsh Kshar with Honey
a. Take 1-2 pinch of Palash Kshar.
b. Add to 1 teaspoon honey.
c. Take it before lunch and dinner.

Benefits of Palash

1. Skin Disease
According to Ayurveda, the paste of Palash seed helps to reduce itching in eczema and other skin disorders due to Kashaya (astringent) property if applied externally.

2. Vaginal infection
Use the decoction prepared with Palash leaves to wash genital parts regularly to cure leucorrhea (white or yellowish vaginal discharge) and vaginal infection due to its Kashaya (astringent) property.

3. Wound
The decoction of Palash seed also helps to check bleeding and promote fast healing due to its Kashaya (astringent) and Ropan( healing) properties.

4. Retention of Urine
A decoction Palash flowers should be used to wash the pubic region regularly with so as to increase urine flow and helps to cure retention of urine due to Vata balancing nature.

5. Jock itch
Palash seeds help cure to Jock itch because it reduces excessive itching due to Kashaya (astringent) property and also improves healing process due to its Ropan(healing) nature. Palash seeds paste should be applied with lemon juice for getting a good result.

Precautions when using Palash

Ayurvedic View
Fresh paste or decoction of Palash leaves, flowers and Seeds should be used with added rose water or other substance if you have any kind of allergy.

Recommended Dosage of Palash

  • Palash Paste - ½ -1 teaspoon or as per your requirement.
  • Palash Powder - ½ -1 teaspoon or as per your requirement.

How to use Palash

1. Palash leaves, Flower and Seed with rose water
a. Take ½-1 teaspoon Palash leaves, flower or Seed.
b. Added rose water and make a paste.
c. Apply on affected area once a day.

2. Palash leaves or Flowers Decotction
a. Take Leaves or Flower as per your as per your requirement.
b. Make a decotion and added rose water.
c. Wash your affected area of body once a day.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What are the health benefits of Palash flower and leaves?

Modern Science View
The flower and leaves of Palash have astringent property. It causes the contraction of skin cells and thus helps to control pimples and boils on the skin.
It also increases the production of urine due to its diuretic activity.
Due to its aphrodisiac property, it helps improve sexual performance[18].
Ayurvedic View
Flowers and leaves of Palash are used to manage skin problems like acne and pimples because of its Kashaya (astringent) nature.
It also improves digestion and increases sexual stamina when taken internally due to its Vrushya (aphrodisiac) property.

Q. Can Palash manage diarrhea?

Modern Science View
Yes, Palash can be used to manage diarrhea. It inhibits the growth of diarrhea-causing microorganisms (S. aureus and C. albicans) due to its antimicrobial activity[9]. It also contains compounds known as tannins that have astringent property. This causes contraction of mucous membranes and reduces the discharge of essential substances through diarrhea[4].

Q. Can Palash be used for managing diabetes?

Modern Science View
Yes, Palash (Butea monosperma) can be used to manage diabetes. The ethanolic extracts of Palash possess insulin-like activity and can thus regulate blood sugar levels[6].

Q. Can Palash be used for the treatment of worms?

Modern Science View
Yes, Palash can be used for the management of worms. It has anthelmintic property which kills parasitic worms such as roundworm and threadlike worm[7].

Q. Can Palash be used to treat liver disorders?

Modern Science View
Yes, the extract of Palash flowers can be used to manage liver disorders. Studies state that Palash contains two antihepatotoxic flavonoids, butrin and isobutrin which increases the level of glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant that scavenges free radicals and prevents damage of liver cells [8].

Q. Is Palash beneficial for kidney stones?

Modern Science View
Yes, Palash is good to reduce the risk of kidney stones. It decreases calcium oxalate deposition which thereby reduces the number of stone deposits. Thus, it protects the kidneys and helps in its proper functioning[14].

Q. Does Palash helps manage sexual disorders like impotency?

Modern Science View
Yes, Palash helps manage sexual disorders by improving the level of testosterone[17].

Q. Does Palash helps in improving fertility in men?

Modern Science View
Yes, Palash helps improve men's fertility by enhancing sexual performance due to its aphrodisiac property. The components present in Palash also improves sperm count and motility[19].
Ayurvedic View
Yes, Palash helps enhance fertility in men. It improves the quality and quantity of sperm and also maintains sexual stamina because of its Vrushya (aphrodisiac) property.
1. Take ½ teaspoon Palash flower powder.
2. Mix with milk and mishri and have it once or twice a day to improve fertility.

Q. Is Palash helpful in treating a chronic fever?

Modern Science View
Yes, Palash helps in managing chronic fever due to its antipyretic activity. It lowers body temperature and provides relief from fever[20].

Q. Can Palash be used to treat skin disorders?

Modern Science View
Yes, the antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties of Palash (Butea monosperma) can be useful for the treatment of skin disorders [4].

Q. Can Palash be used to heal wounds?

Modern Science View
Yes, Palash can be used to manage the healing of wounds. Topical application increases collagen synthesis and cellular proliferation at the wound site[5][6].

Q. Is Palash beneficial for hair loss?

Modern Science View
Yes, the topical application of Palash is beneficial for hair loss. It inhibits the damage of hair roots and improves hair growth. It also prevents damage to hair cells and improves hair texture[16].
Ayurvedic View
Palash is an effective remedy to control hair loss. Palash has Kashaya (astringent) property that provides strength to the hair roots and thus controls hair fall.
1. Take Palash flower powder as per your requirement.
2. Make a paste with rose water or normal water.
3. Apply it on the scalp and wait for 20-35 minutes.
4. Then, wash your hair with herbal shampoo.
5. Repeat this once or twice a week to control hair fall.

Q. How does Palash prevents cataract?

Modern Science View
Although not enough scientific evidence is available to support the role of Palash for cataract. But Palash eyedrops are used to improve vision in case of age-associated cataract[15].


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The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.


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