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Refirm Tablet

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Information about Refirm Tablet

Refirm Tablet is a nutritional supplement enriched with Ipriflavone, Calcium and Alfacalcidol. It provides relief from the multiple menopause symptoms.

Role of key ingredients:
Ipriflavone- Synthetic Derivative of naturally occurring Soya Isoflavones. Ipriflavones inhibit bone breakdown by formation of new osteoclasts activation of mature osteoclasts. Alfacalcidol (Vitamin D)- Vitamin D is one of the most important regulators of calcium. It is essential for enhancing calcium absorption in the intestine and decreasing the excretion of calcium in the kidneys. Treating Vitamin D deficiency with supplements can significantly reduce the number of hip fractures in people with osteoporosis. Studies have also shown that ipriflavone in conjunction with Vitamin D can help reduce post menopausal bone loss better than either of these two substances alone.
Calcium- Calcium plays a very important role in the body. It is necessary for normal functioning of nerves, cells, muscle, and bone. If there is not enough calcium in the blood, then the body will take calcium from bones, thereby weakening bones. Thus intake of Calcium is necessary to keep the bones strong.

Benefits of Refirm tablet:
Promote bone formation.
Inhibit osteoclastic activity.
Non Hormonal/non-esterogenic.

Refirm Tablet is recommended in:
Peri and Post menopausal osteoporosis, Senile osteoporpsisa and drug induced osteoporosis.

Direction for use:
One tablet one or two times a day.

Use under medical supervision.

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