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Youthful HE

Includes 42 Tests

What you should know before booking a healthy men package?

Men have always seemed reluctant to pay a visit to the doctor. But getting a regular physical examination, or check up, is a sure way to prevent health problems. It’s important to identify problems before they develop into serious health issues. Nowadays our world revolves around work with negligible physical activities. With the kind of lifestyle that we have we tend to eat more junk food, consume alcohol and smoke. All theses factors put together, enhance our chances of getting close to lifestyle disorders. Men rarely take regular health check-ups in all seriousness. Taking up the right screening test at the right time is one of the most important things a man can do for his health. Health screens find diseases early, even before you have symptoms and make them easier to treat. Why Should you take up Healthy Men package? • As a routine check up • It is advisable to take this package if you are a young individual with a stressful routine/ job • This detailed test helps you check for other chronic diseases or malignancy at an early stage • It screens for anemia or any blood related disorders, allergies or deficiencies, diabetes, heart abnormalities, kidney and liver functionality 1mglabs offers different packages which are specifically designed keeping in mind your requirements. Our exclusive packages for men helps identify underlying conditions and ensure better health and well-being.