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Rheumatoid Factor IgG Antibody

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What is IgG-RF?

The Rheumatoid Factor IgG Antibody test is performed to detect rheumatoid factors (RF), which are basically proteins that attack the healthy tissue in human body. RF generally indicates an auto-immune disease like Sogren Syndrome or rheumatoid arthritis; however, it can also be caused by other medical conditions such as liver cirrhosis, dermatomyositis, lupus or cancer. RF can also develop in the body without any apparent medical reason.

Why is IgG-RF done?

The Rheumatoid Factor IgG Antibody test is advised for patients who develop symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis like -

>Joint stiffness
>Bone loss
>Nodules under the skin
>Increased pain and stiffness in the joints in the morning
>Cartilage loss
>Swelling and warmth of the joints

The test is also prescribed to people who develop symptoms of Sjogren Syndrome, such as dry eyes and mouth, muscle and joint pain along with severe fatigue.

Interpreting IgG-RF results


The results of this test are expressed as titer ratio. In this method, if the ratio is more than 1:80, that is, if more than 60 units of RF are detected in one mililiter of blood, then in 80% of the cases, the patients have rheumatoid arthritis.

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