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Arthritis Profile in Bhubaneshwar

Also known as Arthritis panel
Arthritis Profile in Bhubaneshwar Includes 5 testsView All
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Understanding Arthritis Profile in Bhubaneshwar

What is Arthritis Profile in Bhubaneshwar?

An Arthritis Profile is a set of blood tests aimed at assessing various markers that can indicate the presence or severity of arthritis, a condition characterized by inflammation and stiffness of joints. This profile is widely available at an affordable price in Bhubaneshwar with Tata 1mg labs.

Arthritis Profile includes a rheumatoid factor test, C-reactive protein test, uric acid test, calcium test, and phosphorus test. By analyzing these biomarkers collectively, doctors can get a comprehensive understanding of your joint health, inflammation levels, and severity of the underlying disease, helping them formulate tailored treatment plans aimed at improving symptoms and preserving joint function. 


What does Arthritis Profile measure?

Contains 5 tests

An Arthritis Profile measures various biomarkers related to joint health and inflammation, telling about the type and severity of arthritis. This comprehensive assessment includes tests for inflammatory markers such as C-reactive protein (CRP), which indicates the presence and extent of inflammation in the body. Elevated CRP levels are commonly associated with arthritis and help doctors understand disease activity and monitor treatment effectiveness. Additionally, this profile includes tests for autoimmune antibodies like rheumatoid factor (RF), which are indicative of autoimmune-related arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis. Detecting these antibodies helps in differentiating between different types of arthritis and guiding treatment decisions. Moreover, An Arthritis Profile evaluates specific biomarkers associated with arthritis, helping in diagnosis and personalized treatment planning. For example, measuring serum calcium and phosphorous levels helps assess bone health, crucial in conditions like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Furthermore, the profile includes uric acid testing which helps diagnose and monitor gout, a type of arthritis caused by the accumulation of urate crystals in the joints. By analyzing these biomarkers collectively, doctors can gain a comprehensive understanding of your joint health, inflammation levels, and disease status, helping them formulate tailored treatment plans aimed at improving symptoms and preserving joint function. 

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Serum Calcium

The Serum Calcium test measures the levels of calcium in the body. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body; most of it is present in the bones and teeth, and the remaining portion (around 1%) is found in the blood. It is usually present in two forms in blood in about equal amounts: "bound calcium," which is attached to proteins in the blood, and "free calcium or ionized calcium," which is not attached to any protein. 

The Serum Calcium test cannot be used to check for lack of calcium in your diet or osteoporosis (loss of calcium from bones) as the body can have normal calcium levels even in dietary calcium deficiency. Moreover, the body can normalize mild calcium deficiency by releasing the calcium stored in bones.

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Phosphorus, Serum

The Phosphorus, Serum test is used to evaluate the level of phosphorus in your blood. Phosphorus is an inherent component of all living cells in the system and most, 85 percent, is located in the tissues of bones and teeth, while the remaining 15 percent is part of the blood and other soft tissues. Your body obtains its daily phosphorus requirements through dietary sources and under normal conditions, once the necessary amounts of phosphorus are absorbed by the cells and tissues, the remaining is eliminated via the urine.

Besides consuming a wholesome diet enriched with sufficient amounts of phosphorus, it is also important to ensure ample intake of calcium and vitamin D, to maintain overall health.


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Uric Acid

An Uric Acid test determines the level of uric acid in your body. Uric acid is a nitrogenous compound produced by the metabolic breakdown of purine. Purines are present as nitrogenous bases in the DNA and are also found in food like red meat and seafood.

Most uric acid dissolves in the blood and goes into your kidneys. From there, it passes through your body via the urine. Decreased elimination of uric acid is often a result of impaired kidney function due to kidney disease. In many cases, the exact cause of excess uric acid is unknown. Doctors seldom need to test for low levels of uric acid.

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CRP (C-Reactive Protein), Quantitative

The CRP test measures the levels of C-reactive protein in your body. This test helps detect the presence of inflammation in the body. It is a non-specific test as it cannot diagnose a condition by itself or determine its exact location or cause. 

CRP is an acute phase reactant protein produced by the liver in response to an inflammation in the body. This inflammation may be due to tissue injury, infection, autoimmune diseases, or cancer. CRP levels are often increased before the onset of other symptoms of inflammation, such as pain, redness, fever, or swelling. These levels fall as the inflammation subsides.

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Rheumatoid Factor - Quantitative

The Rheumatoid Factor - Quantitative test detects and measures the concentration of rheumatoid factor (RF), an antibody produced by the immune system, in your blood. Increased levels of rheumatoid factor can be detected in the blood in certain autoimmune conditions, particularly rheumatoid arthritis. However, an RF test is not very specific as a rheumatoid factor can also be found in the body in diseases other than RA, such as Sjögren’s syndrome and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). RF may also be produced in the body during persistent bacterial and viral infections. Hence, clinical evaluation and other diagnostic tests are crucial for a comprehensive assessment and accurate diagnosis.

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Answers to Patient Concerns & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Arthritis Profile in Bhubaneshwar

Frequently Asked Questions about Arthritis Profile in Bhubaneshwar

Q. Why is an Arthritis Profile important?

An Arthritis Profile is important because it tells about the type, severity, and underlying causes of arthritis. It includes various tests to assess inflammation levels, autoimmune activity, and specific biomarkers associated with different types of arthritis. This comprehensive evaluation guides doctors in making accurate diagnosis, formulating personalized treatment plans , and monitoring disease progression over time.

Q. Who should consider getting an Arthritis Profile?

Individuals experiencing joint pain, stiffness, and swelling and those at risk of developing arthritis due to family history or other risk factors should consider getting Arthritis Profile.

Q. Is there any risk associated with {an test_name}?

No, an Arthritis Profile is generally safe with minimal risks. However, you may feel slight discomfort during blood sample collection but chances of serious complications are extremely rare.

Q. How is an Arthritis Profile performed?

A phlebotomist (a trained professional to perform blood draws) will clean your skin using an antiseptic alcohol cotton swab or wipe and take blood samples from your vein using a needle. The blood sample will be stored safely and transported to the laboratory for analysis.

Q. How often should an Arthritis Profile be done?

The frequency depends on individual circumstances, including whether a person has been diagnosed with arthritis or has risk factors for the disease.

Q. Can I schedule an Arthritis Profile online in Bhubaneshwar near me?

Yes. In Bhubaneshwar, you can schedule an Arthritis Profile near you with Tata 1mg Labs. The test is easy to book, cost-effective, and available with a comprehensive report.

Q. Is home sample collection facility available for an Arthritis Profile in Bhubaneshwar with Tata 1mg Labs?

Yes, home sample collection for an Arthritis Profile is readily available in Bhubaneshwar. Tata 1mg Labs allows you to choose a date and time that suits your schedule for sample collection.

Q. How can I schedule an Arthritis Profile with Tata 1mg Labs in Bhubaneshwar?

If you want to schedule an Arthritis Profile with Tata 1mg Labs in Bhubaneshwar, the procedure is fairly easy and hassle-free. Follow these steps to book a test: 1). Visit the Lab Tests section on the Tata 1mg website. 2). Add the test you want in the cart. 3). Pick a time and date slot according to your convenience; however, do consider the necessary prerequisites while scheduling a test. 4). You will receive a notification with all the details once the test is scheduled.

Q. What is the cost of an Arthritis Profile at Tata 1mg Labs in Bhubaneshwar?

Tata 1mg Labs is a pocket-friendly platform for booking lab tests in Bhubaneshwar. An Arthritis Profile is available at an affordable price of Rs. 1430.

Q. How can I get my Arthritis Profile report from Tata 1mg?

The e-report of your Arthritis Profile can be found on the Tata 1mg app in downloadable PDF form. This allows you to access your test results at convenience and securely share them with your healthcare provider for further consultation and guidance regarding your overall health. You can also opt for a hard copy of the reports at a minimal price.

Q. How long does Tata 1mg Labs take to give the reports of an Arthritis Profile in Bhubaneshwar?

At Tata 1mg Labs, we understand the importance of timely results. We strive to provide fast turnaround times for test results, allowing you to get the information you need promptly. On average, we take 48 hours to provide the reports of an Arthritis Profile in Bhubaneshwar.
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Arthritis Profile test price for other cities

Price inBangaloreRs. 1430
Price inNew DelhiRs. 1430
Price inHyderabadRs. 1430
Price inPuneRs. 1430
Price inMumbaiRs. 1430
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