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Diabetes Packages in secunderabad

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Diabetes Package

Includes 21 Tests
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Diabetes Package Advanced

Includes 22 Tests
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What you should know before booking a diabetes package?

Managing Diabetes is not Science it's an Art Let’s Prevent Diabetes Diabetes nowadays, has become one of the largest public health problems. India has now been branded as the “Diabetes Capital of the World” and thousands of people are being diagnosed with this condition every-day. It is a chronic disease and people who are suffering with diabetes experience significant health issues. As the disease itself has proven to be the catalyst for other health problems. Why do you need to get Diabetes test done? • To know your health better • By tracking your blood sugar levels, you can see exactly where you stand and how your diet and lifestyle may be affecting your health. • Early detection of diabetes will help you to adapt healthy changes in the lifestyle followed by earlier treatments for disease management. • To study the extent of organ damage (liver, kidney, heart) if any, due to high blood glucose levels. • Regular monitoring helps in dose adjustments of various medications. Now you can manage diabetes by booking our comprehensive packages. These packages are very helpful to screen for diabetes, to determine your risk for developing diabetes and conditions related to diabetes. 1mglabs offers Packages for all those who want to keep their diabetes under control and also for those who want to prevent it. Getting a blood test done once a year is not enough. To see improvement in your health you must repeat these tests timely to keep your vitals under control. And that’s why at 1mglabs we have specialised packages to help you check your health progress.