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Acid Fast Susceptibility - 5 drugs

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Tests Included

Overview of Acid Fast Susceptibility - 5 drugs

What is Acid Fast Susceptibility - 5 drugs?

Susceptibility testing plays a very important role because ofdeveloping antifungal resistance and intrinsic resistance of certain candidaspecies to antifungal agents like Amphotericin B, Fluconazole, Voriconazole, 5-Fluorocytosine & Caspofungin.

Preparation for Acid Fast Susceptibility - 5 drugs

  • No special preparation required

Sample Type for Acid Fast Susceptibility - 5 drugs

The sample type collected for Acid Fast Susceptibility - 5 drugs is: Sputum

Tests Included in Acid Fast Susceptibility - 5 drugs(5 tests)

  • Ethambutol
  • Streptomycin
  • Pyrazinamide
  • Rifampicin
  • Isoniazid

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