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Vitamin Tests Packages in navi mumbai

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Swasth Plus Health Vitamin Panel

Includes 2 Tests
39% Off

Good Health Package with Vitamins

Includes 63 Tests
25% Off + 40% Coupon

What you should know before booking a vitamin tests package?

Just because you aren't sick, doesn't mean that you are healthy We all know that vitamins are essential elements required by our body, still we tend to overlook the significance of these crucial nutrients. Vitamins are required for maintaining good physical and psychological health, they are very essential nutrients that help the body grow and function. Vitamins play important roles in body functions like metabolism, immunity and digestion. They help in healing and repair of body tissues like bones, teeth, skin, blood vessels to name a few. It is a matter of fact that too much or too little of anything is bad. Extending the same concept to vitamins shows that either deficiency or excess of vitamins can cause serious health issues, which are not reflected in the usual medical tests. One should, therefore, never underestimate the importance of a vitamin profile. Why you should get Vitamin profile done? • This profile helps to determine the internal health of an individual • Test results of vitamin profile can give an insight whether you suffer from hypovitaminosis or hypervitaminosis. Your doctor can interpret the results and provide you the treatment accordingly Who should get the Vitamin profile done? • Adults, middle-aged individuals and senior citizens • Individuals who suffer from joint pain and weak bones issues 1mglabs offers packages which includes tests for different types of vitamins. Vitamin deficiency is one of the factors associated with fatigue, weakness and general health status of a person. It is important to identify deficiency and begin treatment at an early stage. Vitamin packages will help you get tested for different types of vitamins in the body and check your health condition."