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Healthy Bones Packages in mohali

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Bone Profile Package

Includes 3 Tests
28% Off

Healthy Bones Package

Includes 5 Tests
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What you should know before booking a healthy bones package?

Healthy bones are the foundation to a healthy body. Bones are a living and growing tissue which plays many important roles in the body. Our bones give shape to our body, and support and protect our organs and systems. And as we grow it becomes much more important to keep our bones strong and healthy. You might not even know you have a bone disease until you break a bone. That's why it's so important to measure your bone strength. Healthy bone packages consists of comprehensive set of tests that help you to know of any risk of having a bone disease at a much early stage. Any change in the parameters of your bone health in these tests can help the doctors diagnose a disease before it advances to greater proportions like serious bone loss, called osteoporosis. Your doctor can interpret the results and provide you the treatment accordingly. This will further help to prevent any fractures and disability at a much early stage. These tests are recommended for both males and females. Why you should get Healthy bones checkup done? • With increasing age there is an increased risk for bone loss and various associated diseases like osteoporosis • It is a comprehensive package to screen for common conditions associated with bone health • You can take precautions at a much early stage like eating calcium rich foods and doing regular exercise to keep your bones healthy and strong. • 1mglabs offer the sheer convenience of Home Sample Collection • Value for money and decreases overall healthcare costs