Fever Packages in mohali

1-1 of 1 package

Fever Panel 1

Includes 35 Tests

What you should know before booking a fever package?

Health is not valued till sickness comes An increase in body temperature that exceeds the normal daily variation is a fever. It is a very common illness and people often ignore it. Fever can be an underlying symptom for common disease like flu or serious disease like malaria. A variety of bacterial & viral microorganisms can lead to fever. Other causes may be trauma, hemorrhage, tumors or intrinsic hypothalamic malfunction. To determine the root cause of a constant fever associated with symptoms can be tedious to a doctor and stressful to a patient. A Fever Profile includes set of various tests to find the cause of a persistent fever. You must have this tests done if you have fever along with symptoms like: • Headache • Excessive sweating • Dizziness • Chills • Sore eyes • Hot skin • Chills • Body aches • Weakness • Loss of appetite • Lethargy • Increased sensitivity to pain Fever makes a person feel very uncomfortable and irritated. The test results of Fever Profile helps the doctor to know the root cause of fever and suggest the appropriate treatment and medication to the patient. 1mglabs offer various panels and profiles which include combination of tests that help identify the cause of fever. The advantage of fever profile is that it checks for various causes of fever at one go, thereby helping you to start your treatment immediately. Fever profiles includes several other tests for serious diseases such as dengue, malaria, urinary tract infection, and more.