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What you should know before booking a iron studies package?

Your body needs to have appropriate Iron built up. Iron is an essential element for almost all living organisms as it participates in array of metabolic processes in the body. Iron is a critical part of haemoglobin and helps carry oxygen around the body. Disorders of iron metabolism are among the most common diseases of humans ranging from anemia to iron overload. Iron studies are blood tests that checks how much iron is present in your blood and in other cells. Both too little or too much iron can cause serious problems. If you have too much iron in your body it can cause damage to your heart, liver, pancreas and joints. The lack of iron leads to anaemia. Biochemical tests for iron deficiency help to test the causes of different types of anaemia. Iron studies in include serum iron levels, serum transferrin or total iron binding capacity (TIBC), and transferrin saturation. These packages consists of group of tests that help check your state of well-being. They help diagnose any potential problems that might be cropping up. Take out time for this checkup for a healthier and better future of yourself and your family.