Umkal Hospital Pvt Ltd. Lab Tests and Health Checkup Packages in Gurgaon



Umkal Hospital is a multi-specialty health care institution, equipped with the most modern state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and managed by highly skilled medical professionals in all major disciplines.Established in 1996 by Dr. Umesh Gupta, the hospital is the third institution in a group that includes the New Delhi based MP Heart Centre; in Greater Kailash and Saru Rimple Diagnostic Centre in Vasant Kunj.Umkal has taken a very comprehensive approach, which encompasses all aspects of health care ranging from preventive, diagnostic, curative and rehabilitation of patients.To achieve ultimate satisfaction in medical care with quality, compassion and smile. To reach out to patients across different strata of the society and deliver international level health care in a clean, hygienic and comfortable environment. At UMKAL we provide quality medical care supported by a patient - caring approach by delivering high quality , cost effective treatment. The aim is to cut across different segment of society with a focus on serving the needs of our local communities. The purpose is prevention of disease through comprehensive checks to ensure better health for future generations.The staff is dedicated and has a total patient – centric approach and they share the umkal ideal of providing care with empathy and compassion.“We invest continually, not just in facilities and technology but also in staff training, Our commitment ensures an attractive environment for our consultants to practice” – Dr Umesh Gupta.