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EMA (Epithelial Membrane Antigen)

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What is EMA (Epithelial Membrane Antigen)?

The Epithelial Membrane Antigen or EMA in short, test measures the amount of Epithelial Membrane Antigen in a tissue biopsy. This test is conducted in order to diagnose the presence of Meningioma, Paget disease and Epithelial Origin Tumours. This test can also be taken during the course of the treatment and on completing it.

Why is EMA (Epithelial Membrane Antigen) done?

You should get this test done if you experience symptoms of meningioma such as seizures, loss of smell, loss of memory, weakness in the limbs and headaches.

Preparation for EMA (Epithelial Membrane Antigen)

  • No special preparation required

Sample Type for EMA (Epithelial Membrane Antigen)

The sample type collected for EMA (Epithelial Membrane Antigen) is: Blood

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