Anti-HBeAg Total

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Interpreting Results

Overview of Anti-HBeAg Total

What is Anti-HBeAg Total?

Hepatitis B is disease that affects the liver. The Anti-HBeAg total test is done on patients who are suffering from chronic hepatitis B condition. It is conducted in order to check the progression of the disease in the liver.

Why is Anti-HBeAg Total done?

This test is performed not only for observing the progression of the disease but also to protect the larger population who are at risk from hepatitis B infection.

Preparation for Anti-HBeAg Total

  • No special preparation required

Sample Type for Anti-HBeAg Total

The sample type collected for Anti-HBeAg Total is: Blood

Interpreting Anti-HBeAg Total results


If both the test results for anti-HBeAg and HBeAg come positive then it denotes there is presence of active Hepatitis B infection. However, if the former results come positive and the latter negative then it means that there is minimal infection.

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