Kidney Profile Packages in chennai

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Kidney Function Monitoring

Includes 13 Tests
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Kidney and Diabetes Monitoring

Includes 7 Tests
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Chronic Kidney Disorder Profile

Includes 18 Tests
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What you should know before booking a kidney profile package?

Keep your Kidneys Happy The kidneys are very essential for the body. Healthy kidneys do many important jobs like: • Maintain the balance of the body's internal environment • Regulate necessary chemicals in the body (potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, chloride, and bicarbonate) • Remove waste and extra water from the body as urine • Maintain the blood volume • Regulate the mineral content in the bloodstream Kidney function tests checks the breakdown products of normal body functions. Includes blood tests that measures levels of minerals, electrolytes, proteins, and glucose (sugar) in the blood. The test results determine the current status of the kidneys. Why should you get Kidney Profile done? • This profile is designed for complete kidney evaluation • It is recommended for individuals with pre-existing kidney problems • Kidney Profile will help in early detection of Kidney diseases 1mglabs offers different packages in different combinations. You can check kidney function along with liver function and track diabetes as well. These packages may be useful to diagnose early chronic liver and kidney disease by measuring how well these organs are functioning. They can detect abnormalities like diabetic renal disease at a very early stage. Regular blood check ups helps you take steps to stay as healthy as possible.