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Factor VII Mutation

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Overview of Factor VII Mutation

What is Factor VII Mutation?

Factor VII Mutation test is carried out to check for rare bleeding disorders that has different ranges of severity depending on the infected person. The most severe cases are reported in infants. However, 1/3rd of the people, affected by the disease never show any bleeding problems.

Sample Type

The sample type collected for Factor VII Mutation is: Blood

Preparation for Factor VII Mutation

  • No special preparation required

Why Get Tested for Factor VII Mutation?

The common symptoms for Factor VII Mutation are:
• Nosebleeds
• Bleeding of the gum
• Bleeding into joint spaces
• Easy bruising
• Excessive or prolonged bleeding
• Blood in the urine

What Results of Factor VII Mutation mean?


Test results are based on your family medical history of bleeding problems. Test results include:
• factor VII assay to measure how much factor VII you have
• inhibitor tests in order to determine whether your immune system is attacking your clotting factors or not
• factor assays to identify poorly performing factors

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