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Cancer Screen Packages in amritsar

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What you should know before booking a cancer screen package?

Early detection can save your life It is a well known fact that all living things are made up of cells and we have billions of them. Cancer begins when one cell changes and starts to grow and divide very fast. The tumor that begins with a single cell in a particular part of the body gradually spread to other parts of the body as well. Cancer is a very scary word and has become more common than many people realize. Our changing lifestyles and environmental conditions are increasing the risk of cancers. Most common risk factors include aging, sun exposure, radiation and chemical exposure, some viral and bacterial infections, alcohol, tobacco chewing, smoking, or obesity. Cancers are becoming much more common than many people realize. The increased awareness of possible warning signs of cancer, among health care professionals as well as the general public, can have a great impact on the disease. The Cancer Screening packages are designed to diagnose many cancers in its early stage, before there are any symptoms. Early detection and diagnosis is very crucial because when abnormal tissue or cancer is found at an early stage, it is much easier to treat. At early stages, the treatment options are many and they have much better outcomes. So, the focus must be to recognise possible warning signs of cancer and take prompt action. These are strongly recommended for individuals having a family history of cancer. 1mglabs provide many cancer screening tests with the sheer convenience of Home Sample Collection. These comprehensive cancer packages are value for money and decreases overall healthcare costs.