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    Covid-19 Vaccination

    COVID-19 Vaccination:

    Paving your path to protection

    While the pandemic continues to give us jerks, the development of COVID-19 vaccines has brought a ray of hope for each one of us, especially our elderly and high-risk groups. We are standing by our promise to fulfill all your health needs. As the next power step to combat coronavirus, 1mg has partnered with the empanelled Private COVID Vaccination Centers to facilitate vaccination for all the eligible citizens.

    Currently, everyone over the age of 18 is eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Why book via 1mg?

    Our care coordinator will ensure a hassle-free experience by assisting you at every step of the process.
    They will ensure minimal wait time & guide you end-to-end within the hospital.
    Fulfill special requests such as making wheelchairs available on-demand & more.
    • Age eligibility for the vaccination
    18 years and older as of 01.01.2022
    • Documents required for vaccination
    People over the age of 18 must bring valid government-issued ID proof (Adhaar Card/ Voter ID card/ passport/ photo ID card).

    How do vaccines protect you?

    Vaccines contain a weakened/dead form of the pathogen or a part of it.
    On vaccination, your immune system starts producing antibodies against that pathogen without making you sick
    Now your body recognizes the pathogen and can fight it off in the future. In short, you're immune now.
    Do not hesitate or harbor doubts about getting vaccinated. Make sure to get your family members and yourself vaccinated, if eligible.
    Even after vaccination, continue taking the basic precautions like physical distancing, wearing masks and maintaining hand hygiene.
    1. Continue following “Covid appropriate behavior”
    • Distance physically, but NOT ‘emotionally’: Maintaining physical distance (>6 feet) is crucial for slowing down the transmission of the virus. Keep in mind that social interactions feed human connections and ensure our mental well-being. So, greet loved ones without physical contact and stay connected with your friends and family through video conferencing.
    • Mask is your most essential weapon: Cover your nose and mouth snuggly with a mask when you’re in a public place, be it office, grocery store, park, restaurant, or in public transportation. Masks will not only protect you but will also protect the people around you who are vulnerable to the severe consequences of COVID-19.
    • Practice hand hygiene – the ‘pandemic mantra’: Follow hand hygiene as it protects against COVID-19 as well as against many other infections. Wash your hands frequently with water and soap (for 20 seconds), especially before eating food. In case water and soap are not available, clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
    1. Choose to stay indoors
    Avoid indulging in high-risk activities such as having meals with relatives & friends, attending large gatherings/parties, visiting crowded places, such as markets.
    1. Get tested on priority
    Testing, tracing, and treating are the 3Ts to curb this spread. If you have symptoms or think you may have come in contact with a COVID-positive person, then you must isolate yourself and get tested without delay. Let’s be a responsible human being.
    1. Stay positive; this too shall pass
    We need to learn to cope with the current outbreak's long-term consequences and keep up our emotional resilience and productivity. Accept the fact that by getting tested and isolating yourself, you will be preventing the spread of infection to many others.

    Vaccines are the best way to defeat this pandemic. Need more information? Here’s what experts have to say

    Are people still perplexed about taking the vaccine?

    1mg, in association with BRIEF, surveyed over 30,000 Indians to understand their response to COVID vaccination drive. 84% of the respondents said they were willing to get vaccinated. Find out what’s stopping others with this detailed survey finding.
    Covid-19 Vaccination pdf

    Frequently asked questions

    The COVID vaccine was launched in India on 16th January, 2021, with healthcare and frontline workers being the first group to receive it. The second group to receive the vaccine were persons over 18 years of age with comorbid conditions and persons over 60 years. The third group to get the vaccine will be persons over 18 years of age.

    Vaccination for COVID-19 is voluntary. However, it is advisable to receive the complete schedule of the COVID-19 vaccine for protecting oneself against this disease and also to limit the spread of this disease to close contacts including family members, friends, relatives and co-workers.

    The vaccine has been approved by the regulatory authorities for administration based on studies establishing its safety and efficacy.

    Yes, it is advisable to receive a complete schedule of COVID vaccine irrespective of past history of infection with COVID-19. This will help in developing a strong immune response against the disease.

    The common side effects that people can experience after the COVID-19 vaccine include mild fever, mild headaches, pain at the site of injection, and irritability. Not everyone develops side effects. Also, the chances of any of these side effects may vary depending on the specific vaccine. Most side effects are short-lived. Serious or long-lasting side effects are possible but are extremely rare.

    Though side effects like muscle aches, fever, or fatigue are signs that your immune system is revving up and working, the absence of side effects doesn't mean the shot isn't working. WHO says, side effect or no effect, everyone who receives the vaccine will develop a certain level of immunity.

    Broadly speaking, yes. Vaccines help develop a wider immune response which can provide protection against many variants. Even in the small possibility, if the vaccine efficacy experiences a slight reduction, it should still be able to reduce the chances of severe infections in the takers. However, vaccine developers and experts are continuously studying the effect of the vaccine on the variants so that vaccines can be updated as required.
    Make sure to get vaccinated when you get a chance.

    It is not possible to choose one vaccine over another in the current rollout.

    The most pivotal objectives of the vaccination drive are—curbing deaths and protecting the healthcare system from collapse. The goal is to vaccinate those who need it, not those who want it.

    The safety and efficacy data from clinical trials of vaccine candidates are examined by the drug regulator of our country before granting the license for the same. Hence, all the COVID-19 vaccines that receive licenses will have comparable safety and efficacy. However, it must be ensured that the entire schedule of vaccination is completed by only one type of vaccine as different COVID-19 vaccines are not interchangeable.

    Yes. The COVID-19 vaccine introduced in India will be as effective as any vaccine developed by any other country. Various phases of vaccine trials are undertaken to ensure its safety and efficacy.

    Yes. Persons with one or more of these comorbid conditions are considered a high-risk category. They need to get COVID-19 vaccination.

    It is important to take two doses of the vaccine as the antibodies against COVID-19 develop after 2 weeks of taking the second dose. Therefore, taking just one dose would not be sufficient to protect you from COVID-19. If you forget to take the second dose, you must take it when you remember. You need not take the first dose again.

    Vaccination for COVID-19 is voluntary. However, it is advisable to receive the complete schedule of the COVID-19 vaccine for protecting oneself against this disease and also to limit the spread of this disease to close contacts including family members, friends, relatives and co-workers.

    *The information mentioned above is verified by expert doctors and adapted from the Ministry of Health & Family welfare.

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