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30 years
2 years ago
should i start using risdone as it shows its for schizophrenia and has many side effects i usually undergo Tension, Stress, hypertension during periods and after periods. plz suggest
also Don't understand anything when m angry i feel that my Anger problems are due to stress When i m unable to accept the situation m stressed and angry
1 Answer
Dr. Jyoti Kapoor Madan
2 years ago
Psychiatric evaluation is based on history, clinical symptoms, personality factors, ongoing psychosocial stressors and frequency and severity of symptoms. It requires direct interaction with the patient on a regular basis. Once diagnosed, a management plan is formed based on intensity and frequency of symptoms and associated biological and psycho social factors. A complete solution to ones problems in a single question is thus not possible. I suggest you to visit a psychiatrist in your vicinity for clinical evaluation.
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