NGOs for Cancer Patients - Find list of Cancer Care NGOs in India


NGOs for cancer patients
Written By Dr. Swati Mishra, BDS
Reviewed By Dr. Prashant Nag, MBBS, MD Pathology

The journey through cancer treatment is the most exhaustive one. Right from finding the right oncologist, to getting the right treatment or palliative care, support is needed at all stages. Besides numerous government schemes, there are several non governmental organizations that help make the journey manageable.


The journey through cancer treatment is the most exhaustive one. Right from finding the right oncologist, to getting the right treatment or palliative care, support is needed at all stages. Besides numerous government schemes, there are several non governmental organizations that help make the journey manageable.

Cancer Care NGOs in India

Because every moment of life is precious

Sometimes during the journey of cancer, there may come a stage where no further treatment can potentially help. This may occur due to a gamut of reasons including late diagnosis, financial status, nature of the condition itself (highly aggressive condition), etc.

Palliative care helps terminally ill patients relieve their symptoms and improve their quality of life. To help with this, we're closely associated with CanSupport, a non-government, non-profit organization that provides FREE palliative care to cancer patients AT THEIR HOMES.

Knowledge is the key to stay safe against cervical cancer

Caped or Cancer Awareness, Prevention and Early Detection Trust is a platform that spreads awareness about cervical cancer in the community through workshops and public engagement activities. It encourages women to take action regarding their own health. Cervical cancer occurs in the cells of the cervix, the lower part of the uterus that connects the uterus to the vagina. It usually grows slowly and there may be no symptoms at all in the early stages.

Tata 1mg is working closely with CAPED during different events with an aim to help spread awareness about cervical cancer, amplify cervical cancer testing, and take CAPED to people who need it.

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Let's rise against cancer together

ICS aims at raising awareness against cancer, helping with early screening, educating people about the disease, and helping people with cancer through various programs. It runs various campaigns to counsel cancer survivors with financial help, rehabilitation programs, and cancer research. The ICS-cancer cure fund project provides financial aid to all underprivileged cancer patients for the treatment.

Let our hopes & help shape their future

Childhood is all about creating happy memories for the rest of our lives. But what if the age at which we dream is faced with fighting cancer! Childhood cancers, unlike adult cancer, are not common. Moreover, there is not much awareness about it. "CanKids KidsCan" is an NGO that supports children with cancer diagnosis and treatment. It also provides support to the family by arranging stay when the kid is undergoing the treatment.

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Let's sail through this crisis tactfully & emphatically

Battling cancer is a grueling task as it not only breaks you down physically but also emotionally. Particularly, advanced stages of cancer pose endless day-to-day challenges that need great courage, strength, and an experts' support. Karunashraya is there for you to help with FREE palliative care during your advanced stages of cancer and aid in a peaceful and painless journey. They provide in-patient facilities as well as home-care services along with counseling and doctor consultations.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer amongst Indian women

It is a cancer care program by Tata Memorial Centre led by cancer specialists, cancer survivors, and volunteers for women diagnosed with breast and other gynecological cancers. It not only provides social and financial support for women with these cancers but also helps them to complete the course of their treatment whether it is chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, radiation therapy, surgery, or rehabilitation therapy.

Alone we are vulnerable, together we are strong

Cuddles foundation helps provide holistic nutrition for children suffering from cancer. The foundation has an expert panel of highly skilled nutritionists who share significant insights with their families and patients on food and supplements required for healthy living. They believe that an appropriate and efficient nutrition care plan especially for the kids with cancer can go a long way in fighting cancer and improving the quality of life.

A helping hand is all you need to get through tough times

The cancer charity provides home-based food and medicines for people suffering from cancer. It is also known to give diagnostic support and care to cancer fighters. Taking care of the schooling needs of children, and delivering nursing services are also part of the program. They also counsel and create awareness about cancer along with encouraging studies & research in the field of cancer.

Together, we can save many lives

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers seen in women. However, due to a lack of proper awareness and financial aid to get screened, many cases of breast cancer are detected at a later stage. With an aim to reduce this gap and lower the burden of breast cancer in Indian women, Maina Foundation not only promotes early detection but also offers chemotherapy to women in need of financial assistance. They also empower women by spreading awareness about breast cancer through education and innovative medical care.

There is always a ray of light at the end of a tunnel

Once diagnosed with cancer, the patient needs a lot of emotional support as well as financial support to treat the condition. This might be quite overwhelming for people from a low economic background. For such economically challenged patients, acts as a savior as it provides financial aid for cancer-related investigations and also offers discounts on cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgeries. Moreover, it also encourages people to donate hair which is made into beautiful wigs for cancer fighters.

Join hands to make a BIG difference in the fight against cancer

Established by Yuvraj Singh, Indian cricketer & cancer survivor, YouWeCan helps empower people with cancer to fight against cancer through spreading awareness about cancer and providing support in terms of diagnosis and treatment. They are actively empowering people with anti-tobacco workshops and awarding scholarships to cancer survivors. Through the YouWeCan cancer treatment fund for pediatric patients, they are providing treatment support for underprivileged kids with cancer.

You aren't alone in your fight against prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is relatively common in people above 65 years of age, although people in their 50s may also suffer from the condition. IPCF is committed to helping raise awareness about this condition and also supporting cancer patients with rehabilitation programs. The IPCF prostate cancer support group comprises survivors, caregivers and doctors who play a key role in the control and management of the condition through early diagnosis, treatment and recovery process.

Your positive attitude is the best weapon against fighting cancer

Children are like beautiful butterflies who fill our lives with happiness and joy. But when those little souls are stricken with cancer, getting the right aid and support becomes crucial. Butterfly Cancer Care Foundation is an organization that provides not just financial aid to the kids and their parents but also gives you education, clinical, logistic and moral support. They are committed to providing the best diagnostic services and treatment options for pediatric patients from economically backward classes.

Cancer is just a part of your life, not your entire life

Cancer awareness is the key to early detection & better prognosis. And this is what Breast Cancer Foundation India truly believes in. The organization aims to promote health status and develop strategies to create awareness of breast cancer among every Indian woman. With oncologists being the pillar of service, BCF India provides support for early diagnosis and management of breast cancer. With seminars, conferences, & camps, they aim to raise awareness at national level and develop guidelines for cancer management.

HOPE is not just a four letter word for a cancer patient

Samiksha foundation helps kids, their families and caregivers to learn more about their condition through their creative learning initiatives. The organization aims to provide educational, spiritual and innovative support and helping hand to children with cancer as they get treated for cancer and other life-threatening conditions. They provide non-medical assistance to children undergoing treatment in order to boost their mind, body and soul through various activities like yoga, meditation, art, music, craft, story-telling, etc.


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