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    Abacavir + Lamivudine

    Information about Abacavir + Lamivudine

    Abacavir + lamivudine uses

    Common side effects of abacavir + lamivudine

    Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Stomach pain / epigastric pain, Headache, Fever, Lethargy, Fatigue, Loss of appetite, Hair loss, Joint pain, Muscle pain, Hypersensitivity, Skin rash, Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping), Cough, Running nose

    Available Medicine for Abacavir + Lamivudine

    • ₹2950
      Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd
      1 variant(s)
    • ₹2950
      Cipla Ltd
      1 variant(s)
    • ₹1300 to ₹1400
      Mylan Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
      2 variant(s)
    • ₹2650
      Genix Lifescience Pvt Ltd
      1 variant(s)

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