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(30 ML mouth wash in bottle)
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Zytee AF Mouthwash contains Clove oil, mentha oil, menthol, chamomile oil, ethanol . Zytee is used in Bad breath, inflammation of gums and periodontitis. Its ingredients have following features:
Chamomile has mild analgesic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory capabilities. It is used locally for a variety of mouth diseases. Active substances obtained from chamomile soothe irritated gums and effectively prevent periodontal disease. 
Clove oil is obtained from the flower buds of the clove plant. It has been used medicinally for a long time. It has both antibacterial and pain-killing properties. 
Menthol is a compound obtained from peppermint oil. It has an aromatic characteristic odour and it produces a cooling sensation in the mouth.
Directions of use:
Dilute 5 mL of Zytee AF mouthwash concentrate to 25 mL with water as per the taste preference of the individual. Use twice daily or when required. Rinse around the teeth and gums and spit out after 30 sec.
Use under medical supervision.


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