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Zanduzyme Tablet

Information about Zanduzyme Tablet

Zanduzyme Tablet contain Pippalimoola, Ajamoda, Vata, Hingu, Dantimoola, Guduchi, Nux vomica, kajjali, Chitraka, Trikatu, Yavakshara, Suryakshara, Shankha bhasma, Tuvaraka, Sarjikshara.

Zanduzyme Tablet is helpful in healthy digestion of food. It helps in treatment of indigestion, flatulence, dyspepsia etc. It also helps in the treatment of hearth burn and helps in reduction of acidity. It is used in expulsion of gases formed in the stomach after food digestion. It may also help in the treatment of sour stomach, indigestion and results in improved digestion.

Direction for use:
About one to two Tablets orally in a day are effective in expulsion of gases once a day with water.

Use under Medical supervision
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