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Zandu Livotrit Syrup

Zandu Livotrit Syrup


Information about Zandu Livotrit Syrup

Livotrit syrup contains Guduchi, Punarnava, Bhringraj, Kurchi, Kalmegh, Katuki, Vidanga, Kalipath as main active ingredients.
Role of active ingredients:
Punarnava and Guduchi is used in the improvement of liver functioning and also in the treatment of respiratory health.
Kalmegh, Kurchi and Bhringraj contains flavonoids that have hepatoprotective activity and relieve symptoms of jaundice.
Katuki,acts as a potent liver stimulant, in higher doses, and acts as purgative.
Vidanga is useful against liver ailments and jaundice.
Kalipath is a hepatoprotective, stimulant, and tonic.
Livotrit is a hepatoprotective and is used for acute and chronic viral hepatitis as well as jaundice. 
Livotrit syrup is used for:
Adjuvant in Hepatic Encephalopathy, Acute & Chronic Liver Diseases, Non-obstructive Jaundice, Drug-induced Liver toxicity, Alcoholic hepatitis.
Directions of use:
Adults: One to two teaspoons, twice or thrice a day.
Children: Half to one teaspoon twice or thrice a day.
Use under medical supervision.
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