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Product Details
Vitilo is a Unique Ayurvedic formulation, which contains bavachi from which psoralen is derived, which is one of the main treatment therapy for Vitiligo. It also contains Karanja, Neem, Manjistha, Haldi, Amba Haldi, Raktachandan and Vacha.Bavachi acts on melanoblastic cells and Stimulates melanin production.
The other ingredients of Vitilo have anti-inflammatory, healing, emollient. Anti pruritic properties which reduces erythema, blistering, burning and pigmentation seen with “Psoralen Only “ products.
Directions of use:
Vitilo lotion is to be applied on the affected lesions 2 to 3 times a day or as directed by the physician. Expose to sunlight after application for few minutes to get a maximum effect.
In case, if itching persists apply simple coconut oil.
Do not apply lotion to regions such as mucous membrane (e.g. on lips, etc.)
Use under Medical Supervision


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