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Product Details
Vitamer EA Capsule is a nutrition nutritional supplement containing Benfotiamine and L-carnosine. Nutritional supplements are very essential for Diabetic patients to manage complication associated with Diabetes. There are number of Nutritional supplements for Diabetic complication but benfotiamine has a very essential role in the Management of Diabetic complications.
L-carnosine has an antioxidant property. L-carnosine acts as an antiglycating agent, reducing the rate of formation of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs).
Benfotiamine increases Transketolase activity, an important enzyme in glucose metabolism. Benfotiamine also corrects imbalance in the polyol pathway by decreasing aldose reductase activity, sorbitol concentrations & intracellular glucose, thereby protecting endothelial cells from Glucose induced damage.
Vitamer EA Capsule can in turn decreases the buildup of detrimental glucose metabolites that can lead to advanced glycation end products (AGE), which may lead to diabetic complications. Benfotiamine also prevents diabetic retinopathy.

Directions of use:
1 tablet after the meals.

Use under medical supervision.


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