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Vimliv syrup consist of Amalaki, Bhrungaraja, Kasni, Rakta Punarnava, Guduchi, Rohitaka, Daruharidra, Vidanga,. It is the combination of hepatoprotective herbs. 
Role of active ingredients:
Amalaki is rejuvenative herb for the liver.
Bhringraja is an important ayurveda herb, widely used in liver disorders.
Kasni is used in the treatment of liver disorders and removes the toxins from the liver.
Punarnava is used in liver disorders and detoxify the liver. 
Vidanga helps to destroy the worms of stomach, improve appetite.
Daruharidra corrects the metabolism, useful in treating problems related with liver.
Katuki is used to reduce the level of liver enzymes in the blood.
Kalmegh has hepatoprotective activity, relieves symptoms of jaundice, and other liver disorders.
Vimliv Syrup used in the:
Treatment of the liver disease,
Biochemical recovery of liver and act as liver tonic,
Detoxification of hepatotoxic substances,
Improvement of appetite and digestion,  
Treatment of fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, drug induced hepatitis and viral hepatitis.
Healing of damaged hepatocytes.
Directions for use:
For children the dose is 2.5–5 ml three times a day and 
For Adult the dose id 10 ml three or four times a day
Use under medical supervision.


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