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Valiliv Forte Syrup

Valiliv Forte Syrup


Information about Valiliv Forte Syrup

Valiliv Forte Syrup contains capparis spinosa, cichorium intybus, solanum nigrum, cassia occidentalis, terminalia arjuna, achillea millefolium, andrographis paniculata, fumaria parviflora, embelia ribes, and eclipta alba.

Role of active ingredients:
Capparis spinosa is antioxidant, hepatoprotective and have immune actions.
Cichorium intybus plant is medicinally beneficial in relieving sluggishness of the liver, biliary stasis, jaundice, enlargement of spleen.
Solanum nigrum is used to alleviate liver-related ailments, including jaundice.
Cassia occidentalis improves digestion, cleanses throat, useful in cough.
Terminalia arjuna and Achillea millefolium is used to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding and pain and used to relieve GI ailments and to improve circulation.
Andrographis Paniculata has hepatoprotective activity and relieves symptoms of jaundice.
Fumaria parviflora is absorbent, bowel binding, and useful in IBS, diarrhoea.
Embelia ribes improves appetite, useful in abdominal colic pain, relieves bloating, and useful in abdominal distension, ascites.
Eclipta alba helps to expel body toxins, helps to detoxify liver and body, retard aging process and boosts body immunity.

Use under medical supervision.

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